Remember those Reusable Bags!

February 26, 2020

Congratulations for making the decision to shop with reusable bags rather than relying on single-use plastic bags or paper. You may have made the change because your community has outlawed single-use bags or imposed fees, or perhaps you simply want to do something good for the environment. Whatever the reason, good for you!

That said, and to paraphrase the famous quote “with great power comes great responsibility,” at Belvedere Exclusive, we like to think that “with reusable bags, comes great responsibility” too.

What, exactly, does this mean?

Reusable bags are only effective if you use them. That means you need to bring them with you when you go shopping. Doing this, is a whole new mindset for many, and old habits are hard to break. Gone are the days when you just show up a store, planned or on impulse, and you simply go with paper or plastic. When you make the decision to go with reusable bags, they need to be part of your regular shopping routine.

Your Top Responsibility

Your number one responsibility when switching to reusable shopping bags is to remember to bring them with you to the store and into the store.

To facilitate, plan to keep reusable bags in the trunk of your car or the cargo area of your truck or SUV, not your home or apartment (and if you have more than one vehicle, store some bags in each one). This means after shopping and unpacking your groceries, you’ll need to return the bags there after each trip. Forget to do so, and the next time you’re shopping you’ll be caught empty-handed.

You also need to remember to take the bags from your vehicle into the store with you. This is one of the top reasons people fail to use their reusable bags. They’ve entered the store only to realize their reusable bags are out in the parking lot, hundreds of yards away. Backtracking is an inconvenience, especially when weather, distances, and parking garages are involved.

More Tips for Remembering

As already mentioned, the top way to get the bags at least in close proximity to your shopping location is to bring them with you in your car, truck, or SUV. This is easiest achieved by routinely storing them there.

If storing reusable bags in your vehicle is not practical due to space constraints or other issues, then keep them somewhere in your home where you will see them/be reminded of them when you go shopping. This could be a pantry or storage area, especially if it’s a place you are likely to frequent before shopping (to take inventory of items you might need to pick up, for example).

You can also add you reusable bags to your shopping list. Not because you want to buy them, but because you want to remember them. In fact, make them the first item. This works whether you use pen and paper or your smartphone to manage your list. You might even set a reminder on your smartphone to “Bring Bags!”

Every Little Bit Helps

While switching from single use plastic bags (or finding ways to re-use or re-purpose them) to reusable shopping bags and totes won’t solve the world’s environmental issues overnight, every little bit helps.

Single-use plastic bags are an environmental nightmare. By transitioning away from single use bags to reusable ones, millions of tons of plastic bags will never see a landfill or be carelessly discarded in a marine environment where they become especially dangerous to wildlife.

Retailers Do Their Part

Belvedere Exclusive is the premier source for environmentally-friendly reusable tote bags, insulated cooler bags, canvas tote bags, and other related products used by many high-profile retailers around the country. All of our products are recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable/compostable.

  • Belvedere’s VALUE Collection —Belvedere offers the lowest cost FOB USA non-woven shopping bags on the market: 100-gram PP non-woven, PP-5 recyclable, fully customized in six different sizes to fully meet your business needs. Our flexible program offers discounts over multiple ship dates, and bags are available in both screen printed and full color all for under $1.00 per bag!Learn More
  • Belvedere’s ECO Collection—Made from recycled products, these 100-gram Recycled PET non-woven, PETE-1 recyclable bags are fully customizable and come in three different sizes. They’re available in as low as 10 carton increments with three different printing methods depending on art. This is our premium product designed to help you make your eco-statement!Learn More

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