"Your customer service is outstanding. In this day and age I find most companies are not very good at customer service, actually most are awful. I know we are a very small customer to you but you treated us great anyway. Congratulations to everybody involved at Belvedere Exclusive. I can tell you that the two reasons we ordered from you are because the bags look great and you are very easy to deal with."
Claire Johnson
Flowers by Claire
"We have used Belvedere Exclusive bags as the participant gift bags for our charity house builds for four years. The bags are practical, sturdy and, we believe, appreciated by our participants because they are re-used for multiple purposes over the course of a year. That pleases us because the bags continue to promote our organization. The flexibility in design options makes it fun and challenging to change and improve the bag design. We get to make a new design statement each year."
Harold Miller
Habitat for Humanity
"Belvedere Exclusive provides an excellent quality product, versatile for everyday needs as well as for replacing flimsy plastic market bags. On top of the remarkable quality of products, Belvedere Exclusive is seriously focused on making Earth-friendly products. The world needs more Earth-conscious, “green” companies like Belvedere Exclusive"
Julie Roberts
San Diego-based Promotional Firm
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