Resolve to be More Eco-Friendly in 2020

January 9, 2020

It’s 2020. What are you doing to be more eco-friendly in the new year? Consider these seven ways you can resolve to be a little greener this coming year at home, work, school, and in your community.

  1. Ditch the throw-away plates, cups, and utensils. Instead, invest in reusable cups, plates, and utensils for work, school, and home-time snacks and lunches. It takes just minutes to clean them or another day’s use, and you’ll be greatly reducing the amount of paper and plastic you introduce into the garbage stream.
  2. Use stainless steel straws. Forgo the plastic and even paper straws for a set of re-usable stainless-steel straws. You can find all sorts to choose from online, and most are dishwasher safe and come with their own cleaning brushes. You cut down on plastic straws in the environment and reduce the exposure of marine animals to them.
  3. Compost household food waste. Instead of just tossing it out with the garbage, start composting household food waste at home. Doing so is a great way to reduce impact on local landfills and even if you don’t garden, you can always donate your nutrient-rich compost to a friend or family member who does—or make it available through social media!
  4. Shop at thrift/second-hand stores. Thrift shopping for clothing, household goods, and other items at second-hand stores, consignment shops, and rummage sales saves money and has a huge impact on the amount of waste deposited in landfills each year. Plus, who doesn’t like a good bargain? Thrift-shopping is fun.
  5. Make fewer shopping trips. Instead of going multiple times to shop at the mall, grocery store, or your local downtown, combine several outings into one. You might even consider carpooling with other shoppers.
  6. Purchase products that are locally made or grown. Locally grown or made products typically come with minimal packaging, reducing waste and the use of plastics, plus they require less shipping. You’ll also be supporting your local economy (and your neighbors) when you buy from local merchants, craft shows, or antique shops.
  7. Shop with Reusable bags. Made from recycled and sustainable materials, reusable shopping bags like those made by Belvedere Exclusive perform the same function as single-use plastic bags, but they don’t end up clogging landfills or marine environments. Reusable bags tend to be sturdier than paper or plastic, so they won’t rip or tear; can be packed with more items, saving time at checkout and when shuttling goods between destinations; have comfortable handles and/or shoulder straps, making them easier and more comfortable to carry; and are often insulated and can be zipped up to help preserve fresh produce and frozen items. If your local retailer is still featuring single-use plastic bags, speak up and suggest they begin the transition to reusable ones.

You Can Make a Difference

These seven simple resolutions to be more green are easy ways to do something good for the environment and to send a message to friends, family members, and even complete strangers that you care about the environment and your impact on it. As a result, maybe they too will resolve to be more green in 2020!

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